The mint is accessible only through our official website.
There are two things needed for minting:

  1. Ethereum (ETH/Ξ)
    • This digital currency is used to purchase Wednesday Dudes
    • You can buy Ethereum for fiat, as well as exchange it for cryptocurrency on various centralized exchanges
  2. Metamask wallet
    • MetaMask is the most popular software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. This wallet is fully compatible with our website.
    • Available as a browser extension (Chrome, FireFox, Brave) and as a mobile app (App Store/Google Play)
    • Using the Desktop Extension is the most preferred method.

Once you have ETH at your Metamask wallet, you're ready to start minting. Here are some tips for you to safely finish the whole process:

  1. Open up your Metamask browser and go to For mobile users, the browser can be accessed from the main menu of your Metamask app. For desktop users, you just need to use whichever browser your Metamask is installed on.
  2. You will arrive at our minting page. Metamask asks you if you'd like to connect your wallet to the site: click yes, and confirm this.
  3. The MINT button will show a message indicating the sale isn't active until the sale officially begins. Once the sale is opened, refresh the page, you will see a minting interface.
  4. Enter the number of Wednesday Dudes NFT you would like to mint in the number box. Then, hit the MINT button.
  5. Metamask will ask you to confirm your transaction, and it will estimate the gas fees for your purchase.
  6. Your transaction should be confirmed on the network shortly. Once this has happened, you can view your Wednesday Dudes by heading to and signing in with the same wallet you used to purchase your NFT.